Alternate universe gone wild

You watch us run.

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Arquivada em alternate universe gone wild this one is from that other AU where Alfie is a dashing prince and Benjamin is the prince who thinks dresses fit him better than suits so he dresses himself with long luxurious gowns and silky stockings and dresses Alfie with dark blue suits and a golden shirt to match his golden hair then they proceed to rule their kingdom as they seem fit and later take off each other's clothes with care and relish the sensation of skin against skin

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Arquivada em you see Alfie that's how that silly man with a silly bowtie entered your family's life and became your honorary uncle of sorts and he'll end up introducing you to that boy with uncontrollable hair messing with the TARDIS' controls andyour life will never be the same someday you're gonna cry every time your dad recalls this story because it is the beginning of how you've got everything you never knew you wanted and you'll have lost half of it by then SORRY I MADE EVERYONE CRY BAD BAD SAKI alternate universe gone wild gifset